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M. Eng.

Structural Engineering

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20 May - 20 September 2017

A "Paradiesgarten" for Luther

The contribution "Paradiesgarten" by students of the UdK Berlin within the framework of a students competition was awarded the first prize. The walk-in installation will be shown until September 20th in the "Stadtpark Wittenberg" opposite the meadow of the castle.
Bollinger + Grohmann provided the students during planning and implementation.

17 May 2017

Opening: Art Biennale in Venice 2017

The Austrian Pavilion presents in the course of the 57th Biennale again artistic installations. Bollinger + Grohmann gave expert advice to the artist Erwin Wurm for his Performance One Minute Sculpture "Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea" as contribution for the Austrian Pavilion and acted as sponsor.
The Biennale runs from 17 May until 26 November 2017.

9 May 2017

Europa leuchtet

On the occasion of the Europe day and the 60th anniversary of the European Union, the EUROPE light installation will shine from the 9th of May for two weeks at the stage tower of the Komische Oper Berlin. The happening presented three artworks, music and talks that put forward a positive statement for Europe.

Bollinger + Grohmann was pleased to support this project and provided technical advice for the organisers.

13 April - 15 October 2017

IGA Berlin 2017: Inside the Flower

Between 13 April and 15 October 2017, the IGA Berlin 2017 is inviting to a festival of the most beautiful international garden design and green urban life culture under the motto "an ocean of colours".
In the "Horizons" area is located, among others, the pavilion "Inside the Flower" by the artist Janet Laurence. The project was implemented in cooperation with LAVA and Cityplot, Bollinger + Grohmann gave advice for static issues.

New website online: Ingenieurtalente

The website is supported by the German Consulting Engineers Association VBI state associations and provides information about careers, training and contact persons in the fiel of engineering careers. The goal is to arouse interest among young people for the job of a structural engineer and the workspace in an engineering office.

24 March 2017

Opening of HYUNDAI Motorstudio Goyang in Seoul

In Seoul, Hyundai's largest adventure centre just opened. On a total of 14 levels are located the new exhibition-, office-, educational- and recreational spaces. The building has also 5 basement levels, housing parking-, service areas. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects from Vienna were responsible for the design and execution, Bollinger + Grohmann were charged with the structural and façade design in this project.

26 April 2017, 7pm

AZC invite Bollinger + Grohmann au 15/17

„De Re Aedificatoria“
Lecture by Klaas de Rycke (B+G Paris)

Location: AZC 15/17 rue Vulpian Paris 13ème

19 April 2017

Construction site of the Park Apartments Belvedere: Excursion of our Viennese team

A mixed-use building complex consisting of three residential and two hotel towers in close proximity of Vienna central station is rapidly progressing! The open ground floor space with the characteristic piles is clearly visible now. Expected completion is scheduled for autumn 2018.

February 2017

Won: "Typenhochhaus 2.0"

First prize for the competition team of LIN Finn Geipel, Berlin, Germany + Giulia Andi, Paris, France. The aim of the non-open ideas competition was the design of a high-rise as modular system.
Bollinger+Grohmann provided technical advice for the architects.

5 April 2017

CAADRIA 2017 in Suzhou, China

1:30 - 2:30 p.m.:
"New Structures"
Keynote by Manfred Grohmann

Location: XJTLU South Campus DBG19

Until April 2nd

Philippe Parreno: Anywhen / Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London

Philippe Parreno has transformed the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern in London into an immersive experience that aims to challenge the viewer's perception of time and space.
Bollinger + Grohmann have supported the French artist once again on questions relating to the realisation of the constructive design and detailing of his design.

30 March 2017

Competition "Mino": 1st prize

in the invited competition for the young Norwegian architects from Transborder Studio, Oslo, Norway, together with Bollinger + Grohmann Ingeniører for the extension of the Holocaust Centre in Oslo.

27 March 2017

Competition Frankston Railway Station in Melbourne: 2nd prize

for the team Supermanouvre and Scott Carver from Sydney.
Bollinger + Grohmann Engineers supported the architects for the structural design of the timber roof.

Apprenticeship as draughtsperson in civil engineering

Starting on 01/09/2017 we offer again a training as a draftsman for civil engineering. There is the possibility to attend 2-3 test-days in our Frankfurt office.

23 March 2017, 7pm

Talking about Architecture

Klaus Bollinger will be speaking at the 'Talking about Architecture' lecture series hosted by BENE. Location: BENE-lecture hall Neutrogasse 4–8, Vienna.

23 - 24 March 2017

2nd Annual Innovative Glazing Global Summit in Prague

17/03/24, 9:10 a.m.:
"Killing streotypes - merging performance and aesthetics in façade engineering":

Lecture by Daniel Pfanner
Location: Kings Court Hotel, Prague

March 2017

Currently at the construction site of FLOAT

The structural work of the basement of the 220 m long and 60 m wide building is nearly completed.

8 March 2017

In memoriam Gaetano Licata

Suddenly and unexpectedly we received the sad news of the death of Gaetano Licata on Wednesday, 8 March.
Our thoughts are with his family.

February 2017

La salle de sport de Calais

Progress on the construction site: the steel structure of the roof is completely mounted now.

30 January 2017

Competition new Oscar-Paret school: 1st prize

In the coure of the architectural design competition Bollinger + Grohmann supported the architects from mvm+starke, Cologne, for the structural design.

27 January 2017

Exhibition: DAM prize for architecture in Germany 2017

The 24 best buildings from/in Germany.
Awarded were among other projects the "Grimmwelt" in Kassel, Germany (kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen, Germany), the extension of the "Europäsiche Schule" (NKBAK, Frankfurt, Germany) as well as the residential building at "Quai Henri IV" in Paris, France (LIN Architekten, Berlin, Germany).
The exhibition is running from January 28th until April 30th 2017 in the DAM in Frankfurt, the exibition opening was on January 27th.

We are looking for a draftsman/draftswoman for Munich

To apply for this excellent opportunity, please forward your resume to

17 January 2017

Pavilion at the Kochi-Muzuris Biennale

An art pavilion by Eva Schlegel and Carl Pruscha has been recently completed in Kochi, India. The Biennale opened on 12/12/2016 runs until 29/03/17. Bollinger + Grohmann consulted on the steel structure.

14 December 2016

Laying of the foundation stone: Musée de la Cour d’Or in Metz

The ceremony for the new entrance of the Musée de la Cour d’Or in Metz took place on December 14. The construction works will be completed by the end of 2017.

12 December 2016

Bridge above the Tauber river shortly before completion

The last concreting works need to be done, also railings have to be installed and connecting areas have to be established. But the successful implementation of the design is already clearly visible.

November 2016

Provinciehuis Antwerp construction site

The Viennese planning team of Bollinger + Grohmann visited the construction site of the Provinciehuis in Antwerp. The building shell of the new office tower has meanwhile reached the seventh floor and the congress building has already been completed.

21 November 2016

L'Equerre d'argent 2016 für "Lieu de vie"

This year, the jury of the 34th edition of the architecural prize decided to opt for the project on the campus of the Université de Saclay.
Architect: Muoto, Paris
Structural and Façade Design: Bollinger + Grohmann Sarl, Paris

15 November 2016

New European headquarter of the MHK Group: progress on the construction site

The spectacular cantilever of the steel construction is meanwhile clearly visible.