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Arch of Bitterfeld

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City, Country Holzweißig, Germany
Year 2005–2006
Client Municipality of Holzweißig, Germany
Architect Claus Bury
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 28 m | Length: 81 m | Width: 14 m

Since August 2005 an imposing landmark can be seen over Bitterfeld. It resembles the usual bridge architecture seen from a distance.

The structure bears on two oval-shaped wings diagonally leaning against each other providing an arch and staggering threefold into the depth. The arches span approximately 70 m and comprise of welded box sections. Ramps with a 6% gradient are located in the two voids of the structure.

Inner arches are mounted in the outer arches in reverse and the ramp construction. For reinforcement the outer double articulated arches are coupled with each other via horizontal girders so that a multi-level framework-like system is created.