BMW Welt

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City, Country Munich, Germany
Year 2001–2007
Client BMW Group
Architect Coop Himmelb(l)au
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 25,000 m² | Gross volume: 470,000 m³
Awards RIBA European Award 2008, Award | Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues 2008, Award

The event and vehicle delivery centre is located in the direct neighbourhood of the Olympic Stadium, the BMW group headquarters and the BMW factory. The building is characterized by flexible and transparent spaces. A striking sign is the double cone placed in front of the complex. The façade consists of a modified mullion and transom system. A kink in the mullions at 7,50 m and further struts at 15 m reduce the free spans, allowing slender mullion sections in relation to the height of the façade.

The roof structure consists of a top and bottom girder grillage with a grid of 5 by 5 m. The top grillage bulges upwards like a cushion. The shape bottom of the layer derives through simulated reactions to the areas below. Both grillages are coupled by intermediate beams to form a three-dimensional framework.

Structural Engineering
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