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Castle Wertheim

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City, Country Wertheim, Germany
Year 2013–2016
Client City of Wertheim, Germany
Architect Punkt4 Architekten
Services Structural Engineering
Building Physics
Awards Beispielhaftes Bauen im Main-Tauber-Kreis 2017, Award

The local restaurant in the ruin of Wertheim Castle was extended by a new terrace in the inner courtyard of the so-called Löwensteiner Flügel, which leads to a vertical room division and an increase of the usable area. The open top terrace is now connected to the existing dining area and the neighbouring castle tavern by a new staircase. The terrace construction consists of a steel girder grid with a concrete surface, supported on an exposed concrete wall and two reinforced concrete columns. The kitchen next to the castle tavern was dismantled and replaced by a two-storey extension building in timber-framed construction, which is connected to the castle at each storey.

Building Retrofit