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edc Headquaters

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City, Country Ratingen, Germany
Year 2007–2008
Client Esprit Europe
Architect make architects
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 32,000 m²

This project creates a flagship headquarters building for fashion brand EDC, in which the creative process is on display as much as the fashion and accessories which are the end product.

A crystalline asymmetrical structure emerges from the groundplane, creating a building in which show-room spaces, product display areas and design and administrative work stations are fluidly interlinked and communication and visual connections are maximized to dynamic effect. Five floors, each differing in plan, are bound together by a sinuous asymmetrical void which twists upwards through the heart of the building.

The sense of fluid connection is further enforced by a ramp that spirals up the perimeter of the central void to form a spectacular promenade, while an extensive rooflight floods the building with natural light.