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Ensemble at Untermainkai

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City, Country Frankfurt, Germany
Year 2010–2012
Client Ali Selmi Grundstücksgesellschaft
Architect happarchitecture
Services Structural Engineering
Building Physics
Facts GFA: 6,300 m² | Gross volume: 23,500 m³

The property is currently built-up with three buildings and among them the neo-classical “Villa Bonn” is under building protection and should be largely unaffected from the planned construction. The two remaining buildings will be demolished. The new buildings relate to the “Villa Bonn” in their language of shape, their material and façade structure. The “Mainhouse” is designated as office house, the house in the garden as residential building.

The planned building project comprises the “Mainhouse” with 6 floors and one attic at the Untermainkai and the house in the garden with 5 floors. Both buildings have a common basement floor which extends over big parts of the not up-built area. This is basically used as naturally air-conditioned underground parking. The supporting structure of the buildings is planned as reinforced concrete skeleton with flat slab, pillars and reinforces concrete walls in the cores.

Building Physics
Fire Engineering