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City, Country Dilbeek, Belgium
Year 2013–2022
Client City of Dilbeek, Belgium
Architect Sara Noel Costa de Araujo, sNCDA
Services Structural Engineering
Facts NFA: 3,413 m²

The emergency centre project in Dilbeek has three parts: a fire station, a multipurpose room and, to their right, social housing. An underground carpark completes the complex.

The emergency centre and the multipurpose room comprise two reinforced concrete structures, one superimposed on the other. A first slab on the top level of the underground carpark allows for large spans in the parking area for fire engines, thus avoiding additional columns—a second structure straddling the first forms the multipurpose room on the next floor. The configuration reduces the number of weight-bearing walls to a minimum. This structure gives the architect free rein in design and provides future users with many layout options.

Structural Engineering