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City, Country Sankt Pölten, Austria
Year 2016–2017
Client private
Architect Brigitte Kowanz
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 24.4 m

A light sculpture by the artist Brigitte Kowanz provides a permanent setting for the water tower on the former Glanzstoff-Areal in St. Pölten. The task of the structural engineers was to design a suitable support structure for the light installation in the form of a water jet which meets the needs of the given conditions with regard to the load-bearing behaviour, usability and durability.

In this case, the designed lighting was integrated into steel T-sections. Due to the size and the curved, elliptical design, it was necessary to divide the profiles and to connect them with cover plates. The entire structure is supported on the ground as well as on the tower shaft and spire. In order to counteract the kinematic torsion, the steel construction on the spire had to be fixed by means of a hinged four-point-support. The vertical load transfer is mainly ensured by the curved T-profile support. The horizontal load transfer via the base point and the steel tubes, which are connected to the shaft of the water tower.

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