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Hangar 8

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City, Country Salzburg, Austria
Year 2002–2003
Client Red Bull
Architect Atelier Volkmar Burgstaller
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Gross volume: 26,700 m³

In the East of the Airport of Salzburg two hangars of the Red Bull Company have been constructed. The first displays restored planes, a collection of historic aircraft vehicles, to a broad public audience. As a functional complementation a dockyard hangar was planned for the restoration and maintenance of the aircrafts. In order to create the impression of an ensemble the hangar adapted the shape and design of its counterpart.

The basic geometry of Hangar 8 is slightly more than the quarter of an ellipsoid with a width of 63 metres and a length of 58 metres. The hangar with the smaller total floor area has a significantly reduced ratio of steel/square metres as its counterpart, due to the truss construction being carried out as a lacework shell. The shell consists of parallel primary frames with a drip section which are superposed with round pipes in a triangular grid. The specifically developed drip section comprises two welded half shell sections.