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Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools

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City, Country Caldaro, Italy
Year 2003–2006
Client Municipality of Caldaro
Architect the next ENTERprise Architects
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Area programme: 3,000 m²

The resort area is located on the west bank of the Lago di Caldaro. The functions of the resort are situated on two levels, the so-called "sun-deck" and the "aquarium level" below. The opening is made through the "sun-deck" at the highest point of the property and gives a view through the bathing area falling away downwards to the bank of the lake towards the lake.

The roof, a suspended area of grassy landscape with integrated open-air pool, is built out as a constructional body lying on only three space-forming support cores.

The roofed area of the "aquarium level", in which there are at the same time areas for games, fitness and events, has natural light all around.

Hall & Roof