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City, Country Feldkirch, Austria
Year 1992–1995
Client State of Vorarlberg, Austria
Architect Häusle, Seifert, Stöckmann
Facts Length: 50 m | Width: 9 m

The new Kapfbridge consists of a composite steel bridge structure with a suspended stressed pedestrian walkway which acts as tie. The bridge is carried out as a space truss with the reinforced concrete composite deck of the roadway as topchord.

The pedestrian walkways on either side of the road consist of 10 mm thick spanned bridge structures. Beneath the roadway the pedestrian walkways are connected to an additional walkway. This enables an extraordinary experience of the river below.The Kapfbridge has a total length of 50 m and is spanning 40 m. The roadway has a width of 9 m and the cycle tracks have a total width of 2 x 2.75 m.