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City, Country Frankfurt, Germany
Client Fraport
Architect Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architekten
Competition 2009, 1st prize

2009 Fraport AG invited architects and engineers to a design competition for a new public viewing platform to observe the current construction activities in and around Frankfurt International Airport. L’Obelisque, as the name already implies has the shape of an obelisk. It’s shape also affects the ambiance of the project’s interior space. When entering the structure the visitor findshimself in the space of the tower which is open to the top. The tower is tapered up to the viewing platforms and along the outside of the tower’s envelope the stairways become apparent.

The tower is a timber-frame construction with prefabricated wall and ceiling pa-nels. The roof beams are supported by wall panels with integrated columns. The prefabricated elements will be delivered to the site in segments which can easily be assembled on-site. The timber design is very efficientfor this structure which is primarily subject to its self weight and wind loads.