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Makkah Metro C-Line Stations

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City, Country Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Year 2014
Architect Snøhetta AS
Services Structural Engineering
Facts In collaboration with: BGKI

The station – a sleek skin of the future, hovers delicately above the rising urban landscape of the city, creating a new public arena in the space between the ground and the sky. Linking again with tradition, the wrap is a unique ceramic tile with varying degrees of textures and signatures developed in cooperation with local artists.

On the inside, the hard shell of the station is revealed to have a soft and ornamented interior consisting of a complex yet contextual mashrabiya screen. The screen links both history and technology, consisting of traditional patterns applied through the latest of computer and fabrication technologies – symbolizing the duality between the future and the past.

From station to station the mashrabiya screen changes again in colour and material offering each station a personal signature whilst retaining a coherent identity throughout the line.