Nordpol Bridge

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City, Country Bochum, Germany
Year 1997–1999
Client City of Bochum, Germany
Architect HHS Planer + Architekten
Facts Length: 100 m
Awards Renault-Traffic-Design Award 2003, Recognition

The Nordpolbridge Bochum is part of a recultivation project of the former Fa. Krupp casting plant. During daylight the bridge surface consisting of a steel lattice reveals the direct view on the premises below. At night, the path is escorted by a computerised light-staging on the glass surfaces of the railing.

The bridge consists of a steel structure with a hollow beam horizontal truss, clamped on both ends to the abutment pile foundations, and is supported by V-shaped buttresses. The bridge construction comprises hollow beam and tubular sections. Cast steel hinges connect the piers and beams and the structure to the foundations.