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Roof for the Central Bus Station ZOB

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City, Country Herne, Germany
Year 2003–2004
Client HCR Straßenbahn
Architect Partnerschaft Heiderich Hummert Klein Architekten
Facts Roofing surface: 2,100 m²
Awards Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues 2006, Award

The station square of the central bus station in the city of Herne was covered with a new roof construction. The transparent, open-sided roof structure bears on a double-row of pillars and hovering 6 m above the ground. A secondary roof structure connects the bus stop to the central bus station and allows sheltered access to the building.

The main roof is 142 m long with a maximum width of 26,30 m and a total area covering approx. 3.100 m². The top and bottom sides of the roof structure are slightly curved generating a lentoid shape. The steel structure of the roof is covered with clear safety glass. The bottom side is covered with a mesh of stainless steel wires to deter birds and for sound insulation. The existing pavilion, providing entrance to the subway, is also covered by the roof structure.