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City, Country Innsbruck, Austria
Year 2014–2015
Client Association Heart of Noise, Municipality of Innsbruck, Austria
Architect Columbosnext
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 5 m | Length: 15 m | Width: 7 m | In collaboration with: FRENER & REIFER GmbH | Total weight : 3.2 t

The project Satellit is a mobile platform created as a part of the music festival ´Heart of Noise´ for the city of Innsbruck (Austria) and their cultural and musical initiatives. It is not the stage/platform in the traditional sense, but an urban spatial sculpture accessible to all the visitors during its endurance. In the summer months ´Satellit´ provides a public space for concerts, performances, discussions, film screening and urban picnics.

The structure consists of 10 prefabricated modules which are connected by pre-stressed screw connections. Core of the structure forms a compact frame with its three standing legs (plate thickness 5mm). Attached to the frame are three collar wings that cantilever to the three different directions. These are composed of edged steel sheets which are partially connected into a triangular cross section on the top part (plate thickness 3mm). The steel structure spans over 7 x 15 m, rises to a height of 5m and weight of 3,2 tons.

Temporary & Mobile