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City, Country Hanover, Germany
Year 2018–2022
Client state of Lower Saxony
Architect HENN
Services Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Building Physics

The research building is located on the grounds of the Leibniz University Production Technology Centre in Garbsen near Hanover. It has a rectangular floor plan measuring 17 m x 65 m, consisting of a hall area and a head building. The head building has three storeys and was erected as a conventional in-situ concrete structure. The hall building is mainly one or two storeys high and consists of prefabricated elements and in-situ concrete structures. There are two single-storey unroofed atriums. The hall area was constructed as a skeleton structure and divided into three hall aisles, each 22.5 m wide and running the entire hall area. Between the hall aisles are intermediate 3.75 m broad areas.

Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Building Physics