Seabridge and Gauge tower

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City, Country Goitzsche, Germany
Year 1998–2000
Client LMBV
Architect MEDIASTADT Prof. W. Christ
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 27 m | Length: 190 m

The Seabridge and Gauge Tower in Bitterfeld are monuments reminding of the formerly significant coal mine in the region Bitterfeld-Leipzig. The mining legacies are today re-cultured, refilled or flooded. The bridge and tower rose over a period of 5 years with the rising water-gauge of the Golitzsche-Lake to their final positions, 15 metres above the initial level.

Three elements characterise the structure. The pontoons of the sea bridge, the spun concrete columns bearing the side of the bridge and the steel structure of the floating tower. The sea bridge consists of 24 pontoon elements with swimming bodies comprising glass fibre reinforced plastic and steel frames with articulated connections, functioning as spine and bearing the timber larch foot-walk. The gauge tower consists of a 2 metres high swimming body comprising a steel sheet construction with a cylindrical tower shaft as frame structure and fixtures for the double-flight stairs.