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City, Country Graz, Austria
Year 2012
Client Kunsthaus Graz AG
Architect Michael Kienzer
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: approx. 8 m | Length: approx. 35 m | Width: approx. 20 m

The structure is based on a spatial model sketch in 1:50, which was translated with all types of profiles and materials into a digital 3D model. The structure is excessively designed and manufactured to generate accuracy in the final state of spatial lines and figures. The engineering and rationalization of 3D geometry in producible parts and drawings for manufacturing was generated automatically on the basis of parametric 3D model.

In his solo exhibition for the Space01 at the Kunsthaus Graz, Michael Kienzer has created a large-scale sculpture that stretches and misses the space. The sculpture goes beyond one’s understanding of physical formats and discloses relativity with respect to viewer perspectives. As in the story of Gulliver, the world is once small, then large, once expansive, and then comprehensible again. So it seems that the escalation of sculpture directly connects with the composure of the viewers and their environment.

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