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Tête Noire Sports Complex

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City, Country Neuville-sur-Saône, France
Year 2021–2023
Client City of Neuville-sur-Saône
Architect Face B
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Surface area: 2,830 m² | Competition: 2021, 1st price

The existing gymnasium has 4 steel truss frames of 7m centres as the primary structure. The roof is supported by purlins spaced 2m apart, linking the portals. The main façade is composed of full height masonry and curtain walls, held together by vertical I-sections hinged at the ends. On the west gable, the masonry is supported by concrete pilasters with an internal overhang. Overall stability is provided by the east-west gables and masonry corners. The gymnasium extension remains similar in its construction principle, which consists of 4 metal porticos and a roof supported by purlins 2m apart. The bracing, thanks to a bearing on the façade and roof, makes the structure self-stable. The facade is supported by posts.

The Tête Noire sports complex is an accumulation of equipment added over time. The two sports halls covered by a unitary volume interact with each other. They are both visible from the Chemin de Parenty. The staggered floor levels offer a pleasant viewpoint over the gymnasium. The renovation project will take advantage of these strong points by assuming that the building is a resource of architectural elements and materials already in use. The challenge of the renovation is to make the organisation clear and to offer a new image to the Tête Noire sports complex.

Structural Engineering
Building Retrofit