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Urban planning of Porte de Montreuil

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City, Country Paris, France
Year since 2017
Client City of Paris, France
Architect TVK, Barrault Pressacco
Services Structural engineering
Facts Surface area: 70,000 m²

The planned structures consist of a mixed system of backfilling above the existing embankments and crossing by slab supported in reinforced or prestressed concrete, on concrete columns and pile foundations. The site is complex due to the limited extent of the areas where support is possible (due to the presence of the ring road, but also the underground metro line and various underground networks).

The project is structurally characterized by a desire for lightness and a desire to move away from the civil engineering structure as much as possible. A crossing of the ring road is planned to create a pedestrian bridge in the continuity of the levelling of the future square. The part of the structure that overlooks the Boulevard Périphérique is provided by a metal frame structure with main beams made of reconstituted welded sections and secondary beams supporting the reinforced concrete floor connected by dowels. This structure is supported on various point vertical elements.