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54 Avenue Montaigne

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City, Country Paris, France
Year 2016–2021
Client Chelsfield
Architect Fresh architectures
Services Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Facts Surface area: 2,100 m² | Façade surface: 950 m²
Awards Prix Versailles - prix mondial de l’architecture et du design avec la Mention Extérieur Europe 2022, Nominated

The rehabilitation of 54 Montaigne restores its original morphology, emphasizing its depth. This approach leverages the dimensions of the former glassed hall. Crossing the portico reveals a spacious and impressive view of the two-level hall. On the ground floor, the upper gallery elegantly extends towards the backyard. Every detail is meticulously arranged, reminiscent of craftsmanship. The reflective spikes on the facade intertwine into an elegant pattern, creating a subtly sparkling texture that offers a discreet yet captivating presence.

Only the walls adjacent to the adjoining properties were preserved during the demolition of the existing floors from the first basement to R+1, including columns and beams. The new structures are made of steel framing, with the beams of the new ground floor also supporting the vertical load-bearing elements. The existing floors on levels R+2 and R+3 were removed to create an intermediate reinforced concrete foundation. The roof was demolished and rebuilt as a terrace.

The transformation of both the street-facing and courtyard-facing facades is the most striking. Appearing smooth at first glance, it pixelates gradually as one approaches it, thanks to an overlay of 35,000 tubes in white ceramic, each 25 cm in depth. These spikes, arranged perpendicular to the facade through a mechanical clamping system, are created using a hybrid process involving aluminium tubes thermally coated or anodised on the interior part and moulded ceramic on the exterior part.

Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
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