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Aker brygge – Terminalbygget

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City, Country Oslo, Norway
Year 2010–2015
Client Norwegian Property
Architect Ghilardi Hellsten Arkitekter
Services Façade Engineering
Facts GFA: 20,000 m² | In collaboration with: BGKI | Glazed façade: 6,000 m²

The Aker-Brygge area near Oslo’s port was entirely renovated. In the course of this renovation the Terminalbygget building which forms the entrance to the entire area was also revitalized. As part of the renovation works there have been an addition of new floors and a new entry space as well as the main feature, the construction of a new glass envelope. For the glass envelope two design variations were developed, a double layered façade enabling natural ventilation and an innovative “Closed-cavity-system”.

In comparison to previous façade designs this very compact double façade sets new standards with regard to daylight quality and thermal heat insulation during summer and winter. The full story-high façade elements allow not only a high degree of heat insulation and noise protection, but also maximum transparency, low cleaning costs and short installation times.

Façade Engineering
Building Retrofit