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La Félicité

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City, Country Paris, France
Year 2016–2022
Client Emerige, Société Parisienne du Nouvel Arsenal
Architect CALQ Architecture, David Chipperfield Architects
Services Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Structural design consultancy for the development of reinforced concrete arch structures
Facts Surface area: 43,621 m² | Certificate: BBC Effinergie | Certificate: HQE | Certificate: BREEAM | Façade surface: 15,000 m²
Awards RIBA International Awards for Excellence 2024, RIBA International Awards for Excellence | Pyramide d'Argent 2022, Winner, category: "Mixité urbaine"

As the winning project of Réinventer Paris, Morland Mixité Capitale comprises the transformation of the Préfecture de Paris, designed by Albert Laprade in the 1960s. The concept by David Chipperfield Architects and Calq Architecture provides for the existing building's careful restoration and extension measures. The building complex of around 40,000 m² hosts a mixed housing program, offices, a hotel, a youth hostel, a children’s nursery and shops.

A new volume forms the city block's outer perimeter to the boulevard, creating a generous courtyard. Another new building on the river Seine front and two additional courtyards are built. The arched arcades, which form a counterweight to the existing tectonic column structure, are characteristic of the plinth architecture of the new building parts. Studio Other Spaces (Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann) designed the rooftop bar and restaurant. The artists transform the two upper floors of the existing building into an immersive visual art installation.

Besides the facade and the work of Eliasson, we were also involved in developing the vaults on the first floor (form-finding, construction development).

The facades of the complex are divided into three processing types given they are either refurbished, such as the core and the wings of the existing building, or created as part of the two new buildings facing the boulevard and the Seine, or almost invisible as part of the new panoramic restaurant. In 2024, Morland Mixité Capitale was renamed La Félicité.

Façade Engineering
Building Retrofit
Art & Design
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