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Bürogebäude Brüggemann

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City, Country Neuenkirchen, Germany
Year 2021–2023
Client SAINT-GOBAIN Brüggemann Holzbau GmbH
Architect hochundweit
Services Structural Engineering
Building Physics
Fire Engineering
Facts GFA: 1,845 m²

The new three-storey office building was built using a modular timber construction method. For this purpose, 69 room modules were prefabricated and assembled on site in a Tetris-like manner, which took only three weeks. The new building consists of two sections of space connected by a corridor in the centre of the building, parallel to the long side of the structure. The lift shaft inside the new building is also made of timber.

In addition to structural engineering and fire engineering, our building physics team calculated energy efficiency, building acoustics, room acoustics, and daylight simulations.

The office building was awarded the prize for ‘Energy-efficient non-residential buildings in NRW’ in the category ‘office-building’. The award includes additional requirements for thermal insulation, decentralized energy generation, and building-related emission limits for heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation, and cooling on the GWP.

Fire Engineering