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Climbing walls

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City, Country Kiel, Germany
Year 2018–2019
Client T-Wall
Services Structural Engineering

The calculations for the climbing wall were made based on the geometry of the T-Wall GmbH with the help of a fully automated interface - RF-COM. This resulted in parameterised workflows and material optimisation. The free-form wood required a precise analysis of the fibre directions and connections. The springs also had to be integrated into the model. The algorithm generated the load case parametrically.

The bolt spacing was then colour-coded. An algorithm optimised the considerable computational effort for each individual bolt and significantly simplified the planning process. The bar geometry was created with Grashopper.

The slab-supporting structure consists of a wooden skeleton substructure with attached wooden panels. Due to the different screw spacing, the loads for the screw insertion were generated automatically at the push of a button. The data was transferred from Grashopper to Dlubal via the fully automated RF-COM interface. This fully automated planning process promoted workflow and led to material optimisation.

The parametric organisation of the surfaces was generated according to the numbered surface elements from the RFEM calculation model, the colour coding for assigning the surface elements according to the required screw spacing and the automated workshop planning of the modules.

Design Technologies