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City, Country Bruges, Belgium
Year 2020–2021
Architect Gijs Van Vaerenbergh Architecten bvba
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Surface area: 98 m²

The artwork is an outdoor steel structure consisting of 100 circular section columns with diameters between 20 and 60 centimetres, welded at the foot and head to a 10 centimetres thick steel plate.

The construction elements were already pre-assembled into nine parts in the workshop and finally assembled on site. The work is founded superficially on a layer of stabilised sand that replaced the park's topsoil.

The pavilion consists of 100 slanted columns, creating a labyrinthine space. It evokes a forest of trees, impenetrable, in which visitors can lose themselves in a physically constraining experience. It is an expression of disorientation.

Structural Engineering
Art & Design