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City, Country Paris, France
Year 2020–2023
Architect Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height of the Artwork: 15 m | Length of interwoven prisms: 6,000 m | Total weight of glass: 8,000 kg

Réflexions: a glass artwork in the heart of the Palais-Royal Garden in Paris. Created by Atelier Barrois, this monumental structure invites reflection on humanity, the future, and matter through light—a contemplative and thought-provoking experience. This glass artwork stands as the world's pioneering scaffold of its magnitude, where glass prisms are structurally glued to the steel nodes.

The scaffolding comprises 11 levels of superimposed 3D lattice composed of bifolded glass structural bars. The bars are connected by stainless steel star nodes and are bi-articulated. Vertical and horizontal bars have a spacing of 1.15 m, while diagonals have a spacing of 1.63 m. In plan, the tower forms a square of 4.60 x 4.60 m. The pedestal comprises a standard steel lattice with bars of the exact dimensions as the rest of the artwork. The pedestal, forming a square of 9.20 x 9.20 m in plan, is vertically supported along its perimeter. Horizontal stability is ensured by cables connected to the central reinforced concrete platform of the large basin. Glass buttons connect the two structures with lengths of 1.99 m (long buttons) and 1.63 m (short buttons).

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