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ESO Supernova

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City, Country Garching, Germany
Year 2013–2018
Client European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere
Architect Bernhardt + Partner
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 7,307 m² | NFA: 4,980 m² | Gross volume: 30,026 m³ | Diameter (planetarium dome): 14 m | Surface area exhibition: 2,192 m² | Certificate: DGNB Gold

The new planetarium with visitor centre and exhibition space covering more than 2,000 square meters is located at the ESO headquarters in Garching near Munich. The aim of the new visitor centre is for astronomy to capitivate the public imagination. The design of the new building is inspired by a binary star system where the mass of one star is transfered to the other, finally leading to a Supernova explosion.

The ESO Supernova consists of four floors including a basement. The load-bearing components are in reinforced concrete. The building consists of two cores, which themselves are composed of an inner and outer shell, connected by a ramp system. Between the two cores span the bridge-like ceilings. The floors are designed as flat slabs with hollow elements and are locally pre-cambered.

Because of the geometric complexity of the project the entire carcass has been developed and communicated via a 3D model during the planning process. The entire information for the concept design drawings was included in the 3D model. A classification has been established to translate the information from the 3D model automatically into the 2D concept design drawings.

Structural Engineering
Design Technologies
Reinforced Concrete
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