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Fengxian Town Hall

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City, Country Shanghai, China
Year since 2020
Client Municipality of Fengxian, China
Architect Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
Services Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
Facts GFA: 170,000 m² | Height: 78 m

The new Town Hall for the district of Fengxian in Shanghai houses an exhibition and conference centre, a restaurant, and offices for government and administration. The central entrance area features two towers 80 m high and a 16 m long panoramic cantilever storey with conference rooms above the main lobby.

The upper ground structure is formed by a steel skeleton and a composite slab system to enable a short construction time considering the local building practice. The towers are braced horizontally by an A-shaped concentric bracing in the core area and a special moment-resisting frame system along the facade line. The underground level is built from reinforced concrete without dilatation joints since it sits in groundwater. It is founded on deep RC piles. The structural design is done according to Chinese National Standards (GB).

The façade is characterised by horizontal structural elements in natural stone with a depth of about 50 cm, on a total area of approximately 50,000 m2, providing a plastic shape which fulfils sun protection and light control functions in the depth of the rooms. For this purpose, the lamella elements were geometrically optimised according to the cardinal orientation and a single-shell, suspended element façade is planned to ensure a rapid construction process. The natural stone elements are planned to be pre-assembled, accelerating further the construction process and increasing the assembly’s precision. In the lobby area alone, a mullion-transom construction with vertically continuous glasses is planned, which underlines the generosity of the approximately nine-meter-high rooms and thus promotes the specific character of this area.

Structural Engineering
Façade Engineering
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