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Inside the flower

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City, Country Berlin, Germany
Year 2017
Client IGA Berlin 2017
Architect Janet Laurence, LAVA
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 3.4 m | Diameter: 4.5 m | In collaboration with: Cityplot

One of the largest prefabricated housing estates in Europe is all about green urban spaces and culture in different dimensions and shapes. The IGA exhibition area comprises a total of around 100 hectares with the already existing "Gardens of the World".

The tempoaray artistic-medical garden called "Inside the Flower" resulted i.a. from the IGA. The botanical "chamber of marvels" invites you to explore the plant world from the inside. In collaboration with LAVA and Cityplot, the Australian artist Janet Laurence has created this experiential space of experience. It houses an exhibition of endangered medicinal plants and performative laboratory at the same time, revealing the diversity and ambivalence of botany in an unfamiliar way.

The pavilion is a steel plate structure in spherical shape with a diameter of 4.50 m and a height of 3.40 m, a Plexiglas cuppola holds a small volume of water ready.

The exhibition area is arranged on circle rings made of steel, these are - just like the vertical ribs - coated with a reflective membrane and supplemented with Plexiglas plates.

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