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Institute of Science and Technology Austria

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City, Country Klosterneuburg, Austria
Year 2014–2018
Client State of Lower Austria
Architect BUSarchitektur
Services Structural Engineering
Facts GFA: 2,873 m² | Gross volume: 9,388 m³

The new administration building of the "Institute of Science and Technology" is built on the western side of the IST campus and will welcome visitors in the future. The new building design is based on the scale, and the typology of the neighbouring Voest-Alpine building opens on the east side to the adjacent landscape and gives the building a solid urbanistic presence.

The building is designed as a reinforced concrete structure. The load-bearing building elements are adapted according to their functions and are mainly unobtrusive. The slabs are designed as flat slabs without supports and the walls as load-bearing perforated façades. The slabs’ spans have been optimised to obtain an overall identical slab thickness of 23 cm. The cantilever in the west is supported by the façade and the parapets and columns in this area act as cantilever beams.

Reinforced Concrete