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Interchange Pavilion

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City, Country Sydney, Australia
Year 2018–2020
Client Chris Fox for Mirvac
Architect Studio Chris Fox
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Height: 12 m

The pavilion combines 15 tonnes of robotically moulded glass-reinforced concrete, 1400 pieces of router-cut hardwood and 250 m of stainless-steel ground rails. The artist designed, modelled and managed each project component with a computational workflow. The unique material palette is supported by a 14-tonne structure comprising 1650 pieces of digitally fabricated aluminium to create a 350 m² public art installation.

With the introduction of aluminium as the predominant structure, the self-weight of the primary structural system could be reduced, which resulted in a minimal solution for the foundation. The engineered aluminium structure can carry two and a half times its weight.

Art & Design
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