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City, Country Oslo, Norway
Year 2017–2020
Client Museum of Natural History, University of Oslo
Architect Lund Hagem Arkitekter, AtelierOslo
Services Structural engineering
Facts In collaboration with: Designkontoret Expology

The concept of the new climate house of the University of Oslo aims to increase the awareness of climate, climate change and the consequences for life on earth. The aim is to design a building with high technical environmental standards. In addition, the research-based knowledge about climate and climate change especially for children and adolescents should impart that knowledge to the public. The building will comply with the ZEB-COM category according to the Norwegian Zero Emission Definition (ZEB), so that the building's renewable energy production can offset greenhouse gas emissions from construction, operation and production of building materials.

The planning team has designed a building based on the energy principle that fresh, cold air is drawn in at the lowest point of the building and the heat from the exhaust air is recovered by a Lammellenwärmewechsler at the highest point of the building. The roof shape is intended to optimize solar energy and natural ventilation, taking into account existing buildings.

Structural Engineering
Hall & Roof
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