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Liaison Interquartier

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City, Country Seraing, Belgium
Year since 2018
Client City of Seraing, Belgium
Architect AgwA
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Length: 175 m | Width: 3.5 m | Competition: 2017, 1st prize

The construction of a new footbridge 175m long and 3.5m wide will facilitate the link between Trasenster Park and the Ateliers Centraux in Seraing, Belgium.

The project favours fluidity and efficiency: located between the two halls of the Ateliers Centraux, the footbridge overhangs and crosses the garden below, the buildings on Rue Ferdinand Nicolay, and the railway tracks where a staircase gives access to the platforms. Beyond the railway, it continues towards Trasenster Park, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to access it via stairs or a gentle slope.

The concrete and steel deck of the bridge is supported by double-girder steel structures spaced at 8m and 16m at the railway tracks. A primary prefabricated steel structure is proposed to allow rapid installation. Vertical uprights with a steel handrail form the railing. This is fixed to the main steel structure and can be fitted before the footbridge is installed.

Structural Engineering