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Marquise Palais de Tokyo

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City, Country Paris, France
Year 2013–2014
Client Palais de Tokyo
Architect Philippe Parreno
Facts Dimensions 6,4 x 3,3m

La marquise consists of a temporary structure, which forms an awning above the main entrance of the Tokyo Palace in Paris. The materials shaping the marquise are extruded polymethyl-methacrylate plastics for structural elements and polycarbonate for the machined bolts. The structure consists of five boxes assembled by nonprestressed bolting. Each box is composed by the patchwork of eleven plates of different thickness of polymethyl-methacrylate.

The new awning is supported by four points connected to the building. Two of these points are located above the cornice of the main entrance and are connected to the structure of the marquise by two PMMA shroud systems and polycarbonate pin bolts. The other two points of attachment, directly connecting with the marquise, are placed laterally on either side of the main doorposts at mid-height.

Temporary & Mobile