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Meeting Pavilion

City, Country Melbourne, Australia
Year 2015–2016
Client RMIT Gallery - RMIT University
Architect Studio Roland Snooks

This Meeting Pavilion is an intimate space for discussion and debate. It is not a neutral space, but rich in crafted detail. The exterior shell is fabricated from fibre-composite materials creating a depth and subtle translucency, with the interior lined in quilted fabric.

The pavilion’s structural logic derives from the logic of force flows in the shell components. The fibrous inlays are forming the structural network to reduce the deflection and the pavilion's self-weight. The pavilion was assembled out of several prefabricated panels. Those panels are laser-cut on flat sheets. The double curved surface re-forms when assembled and is put under pressure. The resin infusion bonds the skeleton and surface into one assembly which requires no form work.

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