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Office and Residential Towers - Bab Tarablus

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City, Country Tripoli, Libya
Year 2007–2009
Client LIDCO - Libyan Investment and Development company
Architect Jo. Franzke Architekten
Facts Height Tower: 110 m | Seismic structural design

The Bab Tarablu Project is part of a new urban development scheme including modern residential and commercial buildings in the suburbs of Tripoli, Libya. This project has a development area of four km² and is part of a masterplan by Jo Franzke Architects.

During the first construction phase a 110 m tall 25-storey office tower and an eight story residential tower will be built on a mutual two story basement at the intersection of the Airport Road and the Third Ring Road around Tripoli. The basement will be used as a parking garage with approximately 200 spaces.

A glass covered atrium lobby shall be constructed between the two towers. The façade of the office tower is a multi layer construction covered with a light coloured artificial stone.