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Primary school Pioneer

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City, Country Hanau, Germany
Year since 2020
Client Hanau Immobilien- und Baumanagement
Architect Behnisch Architekten
Services Structural Engineering

The building project is located in the Pioneer Park housing estate on the site of a former US military base. The primary school will accommodate three classes per year group and is planned with three upper floors and a basement. The administration wing, classrooms, kitchen and dining hall will be located on the main floor. The single-field sports hall, which will be integrated into the building, is also on the ground level and can be accessed via the foyer. Other classrooms will be located on the upper floors, while the basement is intended for storage and technical rooms.

The multi-structured new building is being constructed in solid construction. The walls (wall-like beams and Vierendeel beams), columns, beams and girders as well as the slabs are designed in reinforced concrete or masonry. The slabs are designed as point and line-supported slabs. The roof of the sports hall is made of CLT panels resting on 16.50 m timber trusses. The trusses transfer the bearing loads to reinforced concrete girders, which are supported on steel columns on the north façade. On the south façade, the truss is to be column-free and span the entire length of the hall.