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Public medical-social centre

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City, Country Savigny-le-Temple, France
Year since 2019
Client SEMSA, Société d’économie mixte de Savigny-le-Temple
Architect Lemoal Lemoal Architectes
Services Structural Engineering
Facts NFA: 1,894 m²

The project is located in Savigny-le-Temple, within the Villebouvet mixed development zone. It involves the construction of a multi-public medico-social centre on three levels, with a surface area of around 1,800 m². The programme includes four residential units, a daycare centre, a micro-crèche, a medical centre and offices. The L-shaped building has a vertical load-bearing structure, visible from the outside, and precast concrete fascias covering the slab nosings. Façade recesses allow the creation of accessible terraces.

The load-bearing structure of the superstructure consists of reinforced concrete walls around the cores and leaded columns up to the ground floor. The column-beam structure follows a 3.7 m grid throughout most of the building. Reinforced concrete beams support the slabs. The dividing walls and beams generally support the slabs on four sides. On each floor, beams located at the nose of the slab support the facades. These beams transmit the loads from the facades to the columns or plumbing to the ground floor. Two rigid vertical distribution cores provide the bracing of the building's floors. The floors of the upper storeys transmit horizontal forces to these vertical elements, which in turn transmit them to the foundations.

Structural Engineering