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Schwabinger Carré II

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City, Country Munich, Germany
Year since 2014
Client Investa Zwei
Architect Meili, Peter Architekten
Services Structural engineering
Facts Living area: 14,500 m²

The Investa real estate group revitalizes a building complex at Schleißheimer Straße in Munich’s famous “Schwabing” quarter. Since its origin in the 1970s it is well known as "Schwabinger Carré". After the completion of the first construction phase, a total of 200 new apartments are being built on about 14,500 m² in the south of the new “Carré” as part of the second phase. A total of 105 rental apartments and condominiums will be built in different sizes in the L-shaped building in the western part. In the building section at Schleißheimer Straße there will be about 95 micro apartments and a supermarket.

The Schwabinger Carré II consists of two individual building parts with 7 upper floors each, a ground floor and 3 basement floors as well as a common foundation. The upper two storeys are recessed floors and their loads are transferred down directly via the walls and columns as well as indirectly via the ceiling slabs. The building structure is a solid construction, consisting of linear and point-supported flat slabs, columns and walls. On all floors the load-bearing elements are made in concrete.

The flat slabs on the ground floor (commercial use) and the basement floors (underground car park) are point-supported, whereas the flat slabs on the residential floors, tenants' basement and building service areas are supported on walls. The load transfer of the residential area located above the commercial ground floor is achieved by means of wall-like beams (storey-high reinforced concrete shear walls) supported on transfer columns.