© ©Bildrecht, Vienna 2017, Photo: Eva Würdinger

Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea

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City, Country Venice, Italy
Year 2016–2017
Client La Biennale, The Federal Chancellery Austria
Architect Erwin Wurm
Services Structural Engineering

The Austrian pavilion presents a new installation for the 57th Venice Biennale. Bollinger+Grohmann supported the artist Erwin Wurm with the structural engineering and acted also as a sponsor on his performance one minute sculpture "Stand quiet and look out over the Mediterranean Sea", the contribution to the Austrian pavilion.

The main load-bearing system of the sculpture consists of two rectangular cross section steel beams that are fixed in the foundation, rigidly connected to a steel grate which lies above/behind the driver’s cabin. An independent steel construction sits on this steel grate. The chassis of the truck is fixed to the vertical members. The foundation is a steel basin with a load-bearing steel grate filled with sand to act as a counterweight.

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