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City, Country Reutlingen, Germany
Client City of Reutlingen
Architect Explorations Architecture
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Length: 45 m | Width: 6 - 10 m
Competition 2019, 1st prize

The bridge gives the impression that, with a single gesture, the structure extends across the entire width of Konrad-Adenauer-Straße. No support structure is provided on the pavements so as not to restrict the field of vision and to avoid the risk of a possible collision with a car or truck. The supporting structure acts as a link and stretches the arch over the street towards the city.

The design of the new bridge at Oskar Kalbfell Square is an iconic but simple construction, whose form is perfectly adapted to the environment and functional requirements. The new steel bridge is curved both in view and in plan. It forms a very elegant double-curved structure with flat steps.

Structural Engineering