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Cloud Cities Barcelona

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City, Country Barcelona, Spain
Year 2019–2022
Client Mediapro Barcelona
Architect Tomás Saraceno
Services Structural Engineering
Facts Length of tensioned cables: 6,000 m | Surface area: 130 m² | Number of wooden panels: 1,200 | Number of anchoring points: 267 | Number of cables in the structure: 9,000

The interactive artwork "Cloud Cities Barcelona" hangs over 130 metres high in the dome of the Torre Glòries in Barcelona. The network of 6 kilometres of stretched cables, which are connected by 5000 nodes and look like drops of water condensing along the strands of a three-dimensional spider's web, questions the morphology of public space. The suspended viewing platform creates unexpected encounters and, at the same time, offers the public the opportunity to view the city from a fresh perspective.

Structural Engineering
Design Technologies
Site Supervision
Art & Design
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