2 June 2023

B+G Academy – Structure

As part of our B+G Academy, the long-awaited Structure workshop took place for the first time on 11–13 May. We invited career starters from various locations to join the workshop in Frankfurt.

The idea of the B+G Academy is to offer career starters insights into our company and to exchange knowledge with colleagues from all locations. The B+G Academy structure included factual presentations, interactive workshops and inspiring impulse lectures through which attendees could acquire valuable expertise and develop their skills.

Through the B+G Academy Structure, our Design Technology Group introduced our new colleagues to projects, mindset, and advanced workflows. It provided a deeper insight into our digital strategy, which will be rolled out piece by piece over the next years. Since ‘practice’ was in focus throughout the workshop, we offered two-afternoon workshops on IFC, Autodesk Revit, McNeel Europe Rhino, Grasshopper, optimisation techniques and Karamba3D, as well as some slight glimpses into Speckle.

Beyond the professional framework, coffee breaks and joint activities in the evening offered numerous opportunities to get to know each other and network.

The next B+G Academy – Structure workshop will take place in 2024.