23 May 2022

Biennale: ‘Bap! Pavilion – Vegetation & Architecture’

As part of its participation in ‘Bap! 2022 - Biennale d'architecture et de paysage d'Ile-de-France’, the Greater Paris Metropolis is proposing an exceptional architectural work, unveiling a pavilion that constitutes the first building experience based on the principle of a biodiverse wall.

Designed as part of a research project conducted by the ChartierDalix agency over several years, this structure is a massive load-bearing wall and a vertical floor inhabited by flora and fauna.

Two openings facing the Château de Versailles offer a series of perspectives. As if in levitation, a curved roof covers the dry stone structure. This pavilion is also a demonstrator of the city's hidden resources: it exposes the potential of the material deposits, the challenges linked to their reuse and encourages reflection on the restoration of ecological environments in urban areas.

We were involved in the pavilion design and, in particular, the light roof design made of curved corrugated iron. The bending of the sheet and the superimposition of two corrugation directions limit the impact of a second supporting structure resting on the two unique supports hidden in the biodiverse walls.

Photo: B+G