The construction sector must find answers to the changing climate of the Earth. At the same time, we strive to meet the growing demand for comfort in our indoor spaces. Building physics plays a central role in this dynamic, as we seek to find solutions.

Müggelsee-Schule, a new building with flat roof and wooden facade is connected to a historic building facade
Müggelsee-Schule ©
Multicolored hand sketch of a building cross-section with labels and symbols regarding to the Energy and comfort concept
Preliminary design for an energy and comfort concept

Setting new building physics standards at all scales

From urban planning with neighbourhood solutions to the design and construction of spaces, down to the finest details, we support with profound knowledge of building physics.

3D plan sketch of a city with the analysis values for sound propagation
Urban design based on sound propagation analysis for a competition entry

Tailored solutions for every project

We are an interdisciplinary team with diverse perspectives and shared goals. Our curiosity drives us to find individual solutions for each project that go beyond conventional approaches. We plan, combine, and evaluate new experimental construction methods, such as timber modular construction, solid wood solutions, or earthen construction, with the same depth as traditional structures.

Animation showing the construction of a multi-storey building concerning various extensions
Comparison of renovation measures considering investment costs, energy savings, and operating costs

Our services – what we do!

In addition to planning new construction projects, we support resource-efficient conversions, expansions, and renovations. Whether it's residential buildings, museums, office buildings, hotels, schools, or research centres, we provide a wide range of services within each project: energy consulting, moisture protection, building simulations, refurbishment concepts, building acoustics, room acoustics, noise emission control, and emission minimisation. These services include initial studies, participation in competitions, providing certifications, and contributing to sustainability certifications.

3D thermal bridge calculation
3D thermal bridge calculation

Finding balanced solutions through a multidimensional approach

We balance numerous parameters between indoor and outdoor climates whilst always considering the goals of other disciplines. We listen, identify dependencies, and find balanced solutions. Our multidimensional approach helps us find the best balance through variant comparisons. We highly value proactive consulting, enabling all stakeholders to act early rather than react in later phases.

Our building physics tasks are complex, so our communication is goal-oriented. We convey our solutions understandably and concisely to ensure their transferability into the planning process.

Study on room acoustic measures (curtain, positioning of partitions) with different assumptions for noise sources
Study on room acoustic measures (curtain, positioning of partitions) with different assumptions for noise sources

Scientific approach for project-oriented research

We have diverse simulation tools for evaluating urban situations, buildings, spaces, and construction details. Our services include parametric optimisation studies, daylight investigations, and thermal building simulations. We are also experienced in supporting integrated projects planned with BIM.

Component and detail development of various construction types
Component and detail development of various construction types

Responsible planning for environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient buildings

We consider not only the energy demand of the building but also the resource consumption of the construction. We utilise energy balance calculations in the early project phases to develop, evaluate, and compare energy optimisations. We simultaneously dimension components, compare construction types, and optimise detailed solutions for resource-efficient material usage. By conducting detailed assessments and energetic preliminary evaluations in the early project phases, we can better evaluate options and integrate them with architectural design ideas to create energy-efficient and climate-friendly buildings.