16 September 2022

Exhibition: ‘NOW, NEAR, NEXT,’

The digital exhibition ‘NOW, NEAR, NEXT,’ documents in an exciting way current projects and working methods of the NAX partners and focuses on the transformation of architecture and construction. The consistent German values such as perfectionism, quality in construction and project management, reliable engineering services and on-time delivery are enhanced by the experimental, the courageous, the different, the creative, the unfinished and perhaps also the typically ‘un-German’. Research and development play just as significant a role as new materials and (digital) processes.

‘NOW, NEAR, NEXT,’ shows the processual strive towards ever-better solutions, the ongoing further development and research, and the future-oriented change in German construction. The exhibition also focuses on the self-image of architects in Germany.

We also provided deep insights into our work; we hope you will be inspired!