10 July 2023

IASS 2023: ‘Integration of Design and Fabrication’

The IASS 2023 Symposium ‘Integration of Design and Fabrication’ takes place between 10–14 July in Melbourne, Australia. The symposium focuses on the increased importance and application of digital technologies in many design and manufacturing fields. The symposium offers lectures and masterclasses conducted by specialists from institutions and companies worldwide.

Our talented colleagues Dr. Sascha Bohnenberger and Matthew Tam were invited to hold a masterclass, ‘Karamba 3D: Parametric Engineering Analysis Method’, on the plug-in Karamba3D and its integration into workflows.

Additionally, Sascha Bohnenberger will hold a lecture on the development of the complex ongoing project Rozelle Interchange, and Matthew Tam will discuss the process of the modular timber project Re/place Pavilion, both developed in close collaboration with Studio Chris Fox.

Finally, our third talent, Sandie Kate Fenton, will participate in session 26 on Wednesday, 12 July, dedicated to the life cycle design & assessment of structures. She will present her research on the subject ‘machine-learning approach for predicting embodied carbon of lightweight structures’ at 10 a.m.