22 October 2021

McNeal 020 featured at Grand Prix AFEX 2021

Atelier David Telerman and Objects Of Intention have realised McNeal 020 in the desert valley of Cochise County (Arizona) as an inverted pyramid set into the earth, with stairs leading to an underground square space in the form of a ‘reinforced concrete box’.

The lid of the box is connected to the surrounding landscape by four walkways of different lengths. The ground plan of the pyramid is approximately 15 x 15 m and 3 m deep. The structure was made of in-situ concrete and stands on a strip foundation. We were responsible for structural engineering.

You can learn more about the project during the Grand Prix AFEX 2021 exhibition, which will be held at the Palais Royal in Paris until 2 January 2022.

Photo: David Telerman